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Breakfast at Topshop's

As a member of The Nail Boutique, a hidden gem of Castlepoint Shopping Park, we were invited by Castlepoint to join forces with Topshop, and have our own pop up nail bar on site! We were so excited for this, as we'd not done anything like this before (being a student not that long ago, I always abused my student loan this time of year!).

Needless to say, we were busy. The word FREE MANICURES must send some people bananas. We weren't really prepared for how crazy things got for us. "How much are you charging?"...."They're free"....."OMFG WHAT?!"

Nothing brings happiness quite like a freebie. Especially if it's to do with nails. You know you'd want it.

It didn't matter what type of person you were, grungey? Edgy? Geeky? Sporty? Uninterested-but-secretly-interested-in-nice-looking-nails? Clean? One of those art students that looks like they need a bath and a good hairbrush (this was unfortunately me in 2013). Everyone went cuckoo for a free manicure.

It just so happened that we had just bought the new OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's Collection, (which by the way are so gorgeous), so we were actually psyched to be using the new colours. We also had our OPI lanyards on looking all profesh. So we were really repping OPI that night!

My personal faves from the OPI Breakfast at Tiffany's collection were 'Sunrise...Bedtime!' a glittery dawn-pink for night owls and party girls, 'I believe in Manicures' the iconic Tiffany blue, and the self-titled 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' a matte pearl for early morning window-shopping.

Highly recommend this collection of beautiful polishes, (also have corresponding gel polish colours for those of you who are partial to a cheeky gel mani!)


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